SEO audit: What's your potential?

The SEO audit is a crucial step in understanding the health of your online presence. By thoroughly analyzing your website's performance, it identifies opportunities for improvement and establishes a solid foundation for an effective SEO strategy.

SEO audit : Clear perspectives, focused strategies


An SEO audit reveals the obstacles in your SEO strategy, paving the way to success in search results. By identifying and addressing barriers to ranking, it aims to improve the visibility and performance of your most crucial pages. By competing effectively for valuable keywords and boosting the performance of important pages, the audit aims to strengthen your online presence. In addition, it verifies the reliability of your Google Analytics data, enabling a better understanding of your web traffic.

1. Identify strengths and opportunities

Expand on what's already working in your website while uncovering ranking and performance hurdles related to page content and user experience.

2. Improve technical performance

Solve page load time issues and accessibility barriers to support higher rankings and increased user retention.

3. Increase organic traffic

Analyze keyword performance and optimize target terms. Improve relevance and visibility in search results and attract potential customers with direct or indirect keywords.

4. Building authority and credibility

Improve the quality of your link portfolio to build domain authority so that users and search engines perceive your site as reliable and authoritative.

5. Stimulate more conversions

Audit insights enable you to generate better leads, directing users to key conversion points and creating engaging calls to action.

6.gain a competitive advantage

Discover the gaps between your competitors' strategies and your own, so you can take action to shine even brighter in search and in the Google SERP.

SEO audit: what's included

Semantic optimization

Framing, initiating and identifying opportunities


  • Determining products / Target customers
  • Competitor/comparable analysis
  • Benchmark positioning and visibility / competitors
  • Definition of semantic core (choice of strategic keywords)
  • Keyword qualification (search volume, seasonality, geographic location)
  • Analysis of search modes and provision of a complete mind map

Key words

Strategy, volume and target

  • In-depth analysis of strategic keywords
  • Evaluation of the search volume associated with each keyword
  • Identify the most relevant keywords for your business sector
  • Analysis of keyword competitiveness in the current market
  • Use of specialized tools to obtain precise data on search volume
  • Taking into account seasonal trends and geographical variations in keyword analysis

Competitive analysis

Understand competitors and act accordingly

  • In-depth evaluation of competitors' netlinking strategies
  • Analysis of the number and quality of your competitors' backlinks
  • Identify link sources used by competitors
  • Analysis of anchors used in competitor backlinks
  • Identify opportunities and gaps in your own backlink profile compared to your competitors

Netlinking strategy

Link durability and performance

  • Scoping and initialization meeting
  • In-depth analysis of existing backlinks
  • Identifying netlinking opportunities to strengthen backlink profile
  • Benchmark competitors' linking environment to assess their netlinking strategy
  • Evaluating the diversity of link sources used by competitors
  • Analysis of the quality of competitors' backlinks compared with your own
  • Identify best practices and opportunities to improve your backlink profile
  • Recommendations for an effective and sustainable netlinking strategy

Technical/flash audit

Technicity and development

  • In-depth analysis of keywords relevant to your industry
  • Identification of URLs blocked by robots.txt or meta robots tags
  • Analysis of the loading time of the site's main pages
  • Evaluate page depth to optimize navigation structure
  • Evaluation of the use of meta description tags throughout the site

Perfomance and SEO

Sinéquanone for successful SEO

  • In-depth analysis of page load speed
  • Use tables and graphs to summarize download times
  • Evaluate page depth to determine maximum recommended level
  • Identification of areas requiring adjustments to improve site structure
  • Focus on optimizing speed and structure to enhance site usability and improve search rankings

Our SEO audits leave no ranking opportunity to chance.

We don't stop at technical audits. We also audit every page of your site for keyword placement, internal linking opportunities, site architecture and content improvements. If you don't yet have an existing site, we also offer a service to create and design your website from scratch.

Frequently asked questions about SEO audits

What is the scope of your SEO audit?

Our SEO audit is comprehensive, covering technical, on-page and off-page SEO elements.

As part of our technical SEO audit service, we look for issues that may affect indexing, crawling and user experience. We check that your site has a sitemap, follows robots.txt best practices and is free of manual actions. We look for 404 errors, redirect chains, slow page load times and other technical factors that could affect usability.

For on-page elements, we evaluate metadata, content quality, duplicate content issues and keyword optimization.

We also investigate off-page SEO elements, including broken backlinks, referring domain discrepancies, anchor text distribution and Google Business profile optimization.

Our SEO strategists work hard to identify opportunities for improvement, checking hundreds of potential factors. For more information on what's included in an SEO audit and what we might be looking for on your site, talk to one of our SEO consultants.

Who needs an SEO audit?

Virtually any company or individual with an online presence can benefit from an SEO audit. Whether you're a small business owner, e-commerce merchant or large corporation, understanding how your website performs in the search engines - and how it could be improved - is crucial to online success.

An SEO audit is particularly beneficial if you've noticed a drop in search traffic, are considering a website redesign, or are looking to kick-start a new SEO strategy. It provides valuable insights into the current state of your site, and lays the foundations for informed decision-making.

How does an SEO audit work?

An SEO audit provides a snapshot of your site's current SEO health, identifying areas where improvements can be made. We use the insights gained from the audit to guide the development of a tailored SEO strategy, helping to prioritize tasks and allocate resources efficiently.

Whether you're looking to improve keyword rankings, increase organic traffic or enhance user experience, an SEO audit provides the data-driven insights needed to achieve these goals. It's a crucial step that informs subsequent actions, from on-page optimizations to link-building efforts.

How long does it usually take to complete an SEO audit?

In general, it takes 3 months for a full SEO audit. The timeframe for completing an SEO audit is influenced by various factors, including the size of your site and the depth of analysis required. Our goal is to provide you with an in-depth, data-driven analysis that can serve as a solid foundation for your SEO strategy.

To streamline the process and enable faster implementation of improvements, we divide our audit into two distinct phases. By segmenting the audit in this way, we ensure that you can start making significant changes to your site's SEO even while the audit is underway. This approach not only accelerates the overall timetable, but also enables more agile implementation of SEO improvements.

Are there any deliverables based on the audit results?

Yes. The ultimate goal of our SEO audit is not just to identify problems, but to provide actionable recommendations for improvement. Each finding in the audit report is accompanied by a set of tailored recommendations designed to address the specific issue in question. These recommendations are prioritized according to their potential impact on your site's SEO performance, allowing you to focus on high-impact changes first.

Implementation service following audit recommendations

Yes, we offer a full range of SEO services, including web implementation for our audit recommendations.

Our team of SEO specialists can help you implement the recommendations arising from your SEO audit. We are able to take charge of your website creation project from A to Z (website creation, website design ...) while taking into consideration the SEO recommendations for site optimization. This ensures that the insights gained from the audit are effectively translated into concrete results. To find out more about our implementation capabilities, talk to an SEO consultant today.